Flora Sutra by Serena Gidwani Buschi

I walk past the Flatiron building almost everyday, on my way to Bikram Yoga. I’ve noticed an interesting installation in the window for sometime now but have been to busy to stop and take a look. Earlier this week I finally peeked in the window and loved what I saw. The Cheryl McGinnis Gallery was displaying work by Serena Gidwani Buschi. The installation is titled “Flora Sutra” and the window is filled with silk organza flowers, with what appears to be notations on them.


Serena’s thoughts behind the Flora Sutra:

“It originated with the idea in 2006 of the individual sculpted flowers as they represent microcosms of ways of seeing and being in the world.  I called it Babylon. They are belief systems, as each lotus has within it representations of religious, mythological or philosophical text and iconography of the East and West. “

Links I loved this week:

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  • I would never be able to identify these flowers at the market! via Sacramento Street
  • The new World Trade Center path station is so pretty! via Tribeca Citizen
  • Ajay and I just ordered FitBits and I CANNOT WAIT for them to arrive. Are you on this trend yet?

Life in Sketch highlights:

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