Shop This Room: The Perfect Vignette

Sometimes the perfect vignette may be all you need to elevate a room or space. A beautifully designed nook or corner can make a room feel well designed and special. Ideally I’d love all of you to redesign your entere room or home, I know it’s not possible. How about we look at just one corner today and create the perfect vignette?

Shop This Room: A Blue and White Vignette

I’m drawn to this vignette because although it’s traditional it has several modern elements. The blue and white wall is classic and will never go out of style. You can go with a traditional patterned wallpaper, which will be timeless, or something more modern with straight lines like the one seen above. Because of the contrasting colors it will always make a statement.

A mirror flanked by two tall lamps is also a bit traditional but the white lamps with black shades are modern. You can incorporate tall lamps like these in your own home by personalizing them. I love black so I would keep the shades, but if you want more color you can swap them out for whatever works in your home. The design books above are just my style but you can use whatever you have at home. Or splurge for new picture books that work with your space. This looks is easy to achieve at home, especially using things you already have.

Shop This Room: A Blue and White Vignette


If you need to add a few elements to create this look at home, you can Shop This Room:

{Image via Jessica Walmsley Interiors}

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