WIN a TOTO Washlet S350e Worth $1,700!

This post is written in collaboration with Modenus and BlogTour sponsor TOTO. For nearly 100 years, TOTO has been the recognized leader in performance innovation and design products that enhance the luxury bathroom experience

I kind of fell in love with TOTO while I was on BlogTour Vegas. Not only did I learn about their latest launch, the NEOREST 750H with Actilight technology, which I think I cannot live without, but TOTO also offered to give one lucky BlogTour fan a TOTO Washlet S350e, which is worth $1,700.

WIN a TOTO Washlet S350e worth $1,700

First let’s talk about the giveaway. You can enter the giveaway through this link with your Facebook account, through March 8, 2014. So, what is a Washlet? It’s a toilet seat that can be easily installed onto virtually any toilet. The Washlet offers a cleaning experience with ewater+ (electrolyzed) warm water washing, including the Wonderwave spray.

Washlet S350e features:

  • Washlet cleansing with 5 spray settings
  • Instantaneous water heating
  • Built-in air deodorizing system
  • S350e has auto open/close
  • Adjustable water and seat temperatures
  • Warm-air dryer
  • Easy-to-read illuminated remote control
  • Convenient magnetic wall mounted cradle
  • Compact and slim design
  • 2-user personal memory settings

Every BlogTour participant is giving their readers and fans a chance to enter the contest, and one lucky winner will receive the Washlet. I think it’s worth entering, because this is kind of a crazy giveaway contest! Here’s the link again.

BlogTour Vegas: Toto at KBIS

Now, the NEOREST 750H – I was pretty blown away by this. I know it’s pretty nerdy of me to get so excited about a toilet, but I really couldn’t stop talking about it. My husband and all my friends are over hearing about it, so now I’m telling you! This toilet is insane!

BlogTour Vegas: TOTO NEOREST 750

The toilet bowl is coated with a HYDROTECT pearlized finish. The HYDROTECT makes it nearly impossible for organic substances to adhere to the bowl’s surface. Under the seat lid you’ll find an integrated UV light that triggers a photocatalytic process in which thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl. We were told that aside from cleaning the toilet externally, you don’t have to clean the interior of the toilet for approximately 8 months. Is that crazy or what?! I think this is the cleanest toilet I’ve ever seen.

BlogTour Vegas: TOTO NEOREST 750

Of course the NEOREST has the rest of the TOTO goodies, including a self cleaning wand, air dryer, heated seat, remote control and more. I’m seriously so in love with this toilet. If you’re redesigning your home, or purchasing a new home, I would think about installing this. It’s a little treat for yourself! We spend so much on refrigerators, closets and other amenities, but I think we often forget about the toilet.

What do you think about the NEOREST? And again, don’t forget to enter the contest!

{Images – first image via TOTO, last three images via Chasen West Photography}

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