Work + Play: with Meg Tsang

Welcome to the very first edition of Work + Play. I’ve had this series on my mind for quite some time now, and I’m happy to finally be able to share it with you. I’ve always been fascinated by how really successful people live. I like to take a look at the differences between where these people work and where they relax, how they are in their work enviroment, often for most of the day, and where they retire to at night. On the last Friday of every month I’ll be sharing a work and play environment of a blogger, designer, and creator. I’m very happy to have Meg Tsang kicking us off this month. Thanks Meg!

New Series! Work+Play with Meg Tsang

New Series! Work+Play with Meg Tsang

I met Meg last month during Alt Summit. I’ve asked her to share a bit about herself so you can get to know her as well as I did!

I am an architect turned photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area and traveling the world every chance I get.  I love coffee shops, the forest and really good sea salt caramel.  My perfect day is any day that starts at sunrise.  I’m a night owl, but I love mornings. I’m silly, candid and honest.  I love life, and I love love.

New Series! Work+Play with Meg Tsang

What inspired the design of your work space?

I am a big fan of simplicity and functionality.  It is very important to me to feel at ease in my spaces, and part of that includes a clutter-free environment but with everything I need with ready access.  As a photographer creating my workspace I wanted to eliminate all distractions while still surrounding myself with inspiration.

New Series! Work+Play with Meg Tsang

What’s your favorite element about your work space?

I love my wall of pictures and artwork.  My collection includes my own family pictures, photographs by friends and prints I’ve collected over the years.  Each photograph and print speaks to me in a very deep way.  One of those prints is a figure-ground study of Paris.  My cousin and I were exploring Europe on a trip last year, and we came across that poster.  With my background in architecture, it immediately spoke to me.  I love the relation of positive and negative space.  It reminds me of my roots in architecture and how even now I draw inspiration from it in my work.

New Series! Work+Play with Meg Tsang

Can you describe a typical work day?

My typical workday is wake up. work. eat. work. eat. work. sleep.  From the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep I’m working. Usually I start off my day checking emails while eating a light breakfast.  I’ll try to finish all my emails, the bulk of my administrative work and my blogging before 11am when I take a break for a small lunch.  From there I start editing.  At around 3pm or 5pm I take a proper break to talk a walk with my dad.  Afterwards I eat and watch an episode of my favorite shows like Nashville or How I Met Your Mother.  My day continues with more editing and occasional snacks and lots of red bull.

New Series! Work+Play with Meg Tsang

 What excites you most about your home / play space? 

I LOVE reading in my play space.  It’s the perfect spot to dive into a good book.  I love to cozy up with a blanket and read endlessly.

New Series! Work+Play with Meg Tsang

 Can you describe a typical morning, before your work day?

When I wake up I usually call my boyfriend who’s living on the east coast. He’s already well into his day by the time I’m up, so we talk about what he’s done so far and what our day will look like.  Our morning talks are usually brief because of our work loads, but I cherish these phone calls until we can live in the same timezone and wake up together.  It’s a great day to start the day with him.

New Series! Work+Play with Meg Tsang

What do you love most about the design scene in your city?

I love the community.  Creatives are so friendly!  I love that I can tweet or email someone I admire for coffee and actually meet up for coffee.

New Series! Work+Play with Meg Tsang

What are you doing this weekend?

I am working! (You could say I’m a workaholic.) I’m photographing some lovely families and an engaged couple.

New Series! Work+Play with Meg Tsang

Thanks for sharing your day with us Meg!

I’d love to know what you think of this new series. Please let me know below. And stay tuned for another edition of Work + Play next month.


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