Shop This Room: Bathroom Styling

I’ve been sharing so many spaces and areas of the home with you in this Shop This Room column but I realized I’ve never shared a bathroom. I think it’s because I find bathrooms hard to style. If you’re unable to redesign your bathroom – with a new shower, tile, and fixtures, it can be difficult to work with what you have. But so many of us have to find ways to work around this, even me with my lime green bathroom walls. (I didn’t pick the color!) But with a few precisely picked out items, we can enhance our bathrooms, with just a little styling.

Shop This Room: Bathroom Styling

I was drawn to this image because the person that styled this made a toilet look pretty! That’s really hard to do, but it shows you what you can accomplish when you think out of the box. I love the mirrored tray combined with chic items like the mirrored frame, clear glass vase and black and white beauty accessories. If you place the same exact tray on your countertop, you’ve decorated your countertop beautifully too! I’ve picked out a few items to recreate this black and mirror look, but you can use many things you already have. The key to styling is trial and error. Place a few things on your toilet or countertop, move them around, take a few things away, and do this until you’re satisfied with the look.

Shop This Room: Bathroom StylingGet the look for yourselves:

{Image via Pinterest}

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