Tough Weekend: The 10 Day Detox Diet

This weekend is going to be a little tough. We live in New York, the food capital, and all week long Ajay and I look forward to trying a new restaurant over the weekend, or having our favorite dish(es) at certain places. I read all the New York Magazine reviews and pick a place we are going to love, we debate, read the menus, change our minds, and finally pick the perfect weekend spot. We really enjoy our food! Well, we’ve decided to start a detox that is TEN days long! I heard about Dr. Hyman’s 10 day detox diet from a friend, and felt that it was great for us to try. We both have diabetes in the family, although we are pretty healthy ourselves, and are in no immediate danger of getting it right now. Dr. Hyman shares a new way of eating that helps you self-regulate your blood sugar level, to prevent diabetes, and in many cases reduce existing cases of diabetes. Another benefit is that this detox helps people lose an average of 8-10 pounds! So, yeah, I’m really excited about that prospect! So, tough weekend, but for a good cause. I hope I can stay strong. But living right next to Billy’s Bakery is so frustrating at times like these. Look what I walked past yesterday. Doesn’t this make you just wanna pop in and eat a cupcake?!

Billy's Bakery in Tribeca, NYC

Links I loved this week:

Life in Sketch highlights:

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