Collected Cool by Jay Jeffers

I was thrilled to receive a copy of San Francisco-based designer Jay Jeffers’ latest book, Collected Cool: The Art of Bold, Stylish Interiors. Many designers strive to achieve the perfect balance between vintage and modern, and I was interested to flip through Jeffers’ book and see how he did it. He’s known for his inventive interiors and he has a knack for putting the most unusual pieces together, whether they be furniture pieces, patterns or accessories.

Book review: Collected Cool by Jay Jeffers

When you open the book you see a grid of details. Right away I knew this was going to be a book that would be in my arsenal for a long time. The details on the front and back cover grid are amazing! There are snippets of flooring, chair details, lamps, pillows, accessories, metals and more. What a great way to kick off a book about bold interiors!

Book review: Collected Cool by Jay Jeffers

In the book Jeffers features several of his projects and provides insight into his design process. I always find it fascinating to hear how other designers go about creating their spaces. Not all creatives have the same path, in fact, we all think completely differently, which is amazing to me.

Book review: Collected Cool by Jay Jeffers

“Design is a layering process, and each element – from the species of wood to the finish of the paint – is equally important.” – Jay Jeffers

Book review: Collected Cool by Jay Jeffers

Throughout the projects Jeffers shares tips on creating a Collected Cool home for yourself, including a reminder to accessories! Jay says, “Nothing looks more incomplete than a beautiful room with empty shelves.”

Book review: Collected Cool by Jay Jeffers

While flipping through this book filled with gorgeous interiors, its clear that Jeffers thinks about every aspect of the homes he designs, from floors to ceiling details to small details that many would overlook.

Book review: Collected Cool by Jay Jeffers

This is a great resource for anyone looking to add an extra layer of fabulousness to their home. Great inspirational images and great read! You can order a copy here.

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