Design Crush: A Well Styled Corner

Happy Monday! I spent most of this weekend cleaning up my home and throwing many things out. I’m slowly decluttering and getting ready to style and photograph my home. I’ve lived here for almost five years but because I spend so much time on others’ homes I pushed my own to the back seat. While I still have a lot to do, I am excited to start styling. Styling and playing with vignettes is one of my favorite parts of the design process. If found this well styled corner vignette that I absolutely love, and I thought it would be a great way to kick off the week. It’s can also be a great source of inspiration for those of you who have been ignoring your own home, like I have!

Design Crush: A Well Styled Corner

I love this comfortable chair, and how it’s styled to look comfortable, yet sophisticated at the same time. The gallery wall adjacent to the chair is beautiful and while it has a well styled look, the monotone colors let the chair shine. The hanging pendant in the forefront adds a little extra pop of personality.

What do you think of this lovely corner seating?

{image via We Are Superfamous}

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