The DesignMine App by HomeAdvisor

This post is written in collaboration with HomeAdvisor. HomeAdvisor is a leading website offering comprehensive tools and resources for home improvement, maintenance and repair projects.

While I was at KBIS a few months ago I met a few members of the HomeAdvisor team and learned about an innovative new app they’ve just launched. DesignMine is an app created in collaboration with well-known designer Alison Victoria with designers and home owners in mind. I had the opportunity to speak to Alison about the app and get the details of how it works and what it can do for you (and me!).


Because Alison is on the road so much, she was looking for an easier way to communicate with her clients. Since design is visual, she was hoping to create a system in which the client’s could actually see what she was referring to in real time. She teamed up with HomeAdvisor to create DesignMine, a visual, moodboard based app that makes compiling ideas and communicating easy.

The DesignMine App by Home Advisor

The first thing I noticed, before even speaking to Alison, is that the app is easy to use. It’s intuitive, and if you use your iPad often, you’ll be able to use this app within seconds. DesignMine allows you to create mood boards and unlike other mood board sites and apps on the market right now, DesignMine allows you to choose from thousands of images in the app or upload your own images, zoom in and crop the images to fit your needs, and draw on the images and make notes. Adding notes to images makes a huge difference. As a designer, I am able to draw arrows and write notes on mood boards I send over to clients. As a homeowner you’re able to circle parts of your mood boards and images before sending them off to designers or vendors.

The DesignMine App by Home Advisor

The note feature works both ways, too. After you’ve sent a board off to someone, they are able to make notes on it and send it right back to you. I love that the process is interactive, just as design is. You’re able to get input from others in a fast, efficient way.

The DesignMine App by Home Advisor

HomeAdvisor has a huge database of designers, architects, contractors and vendors. The HomeAdvisor database is integrated into the DesignMine app, allowing home owners to find vendors in their area, read their reviews, and contact them, all in one place. The HomeAdvisor portion of the app allows the home owners to turn their visions into reality quickly and easily.

In the future, DesignMine images will be linked to actual items at retail stores that can be purchased. For now, Alison is asking for feedback from users. She loves this app and wants to ensure it’s easy to use and beneficial to everyone. Download DesignMine and after you’ve created a mood board tweet it to @alisonvictoria3. She’d love to take your questions and improvement ideas too!


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