Book Review: Bright Bazaar and #MakeYouSmileStyle by Will Taylor

When Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar announced he was writing a book I couldn’t have been happier for him. I’ve been following Will through his blog for quite some time now and I’ve come to think of him as a friend. Yes, an online friend, but a friend nonetheless. I was surprised at first when he would answer every tweet and Facebook message but I quickly realized that the reason his blog has become so popular is that it’s a very true extension of him. It’s a colorful, happy place where we can go for a quick pick me up, a few kind words and some design inspiration. And when I met him in person last week I realized that Will is exactly how he seems on social media and in his blog, a nice, kind fellow with a keen eye for design. And fashion!

Book Review: Bright Bazaar and #MakeYouSmileStyle by Will Taylor

Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color For Make-You-Smile Style is Will’s first book and judging by how well written it is, I’m sure there will be many more to follow. I read the introduction immediately after receiving the book and I felt more in touch with Will than ever before, even though I’ve been following his blog for years. Within the first few paragraphs you understand the history behind Will’s love for color, and even if you’re not big on color, you understand the profound impact it can have on a life.

Book Review: Bright Bazaar and #MakeYouSmileStyle by Will Taylor

Will helps the reader embrace color in a few steps. The book is broken down into three parts. In part 1, Color Is Your Friend, the reader is slowly introduced to colorful spaces, some with small splashes of color and others completely decked out in multi-colored walls and colorful patterns.

Book Review: Bright Bazaar and #MakeYouSmileStyle by Will Taylor

In part 2, Colorful Cocktails, Will helps the reader find their signature style by sharing how he finds inspiration in his daily life. He’s created several color cocktails to choose from and wonderful mood boards that illustrate how the color cocktails can be translated into interiors. The moodboards are key to helping the reader learn how to bring a mix of colors into their own home easily.

Book Review: Bright Bazaar and #MakeYouSmileStyle by Will Taylor

Part 3, Bringing it Home, provides several examples of color used in a variety of room types, including entry ways, living rooms, outdoor areas and more. This is a fabulous way to wrap up the book and provide real life examples of how the color cocktails have been used in different design styles.

Book Review: Bright Bazaar and #MakeYouSmileStyle by Will Taylor

Will’s first book is thoughtful and well planned out. Anyone looking to add color to their home and their life can do so easily by flipping through this book and making color their own. I adore Will, his blog and his new book Bright Bazaar. This book will remain on my coffee table for quite some time!

{First 4 images via Andrew Boyd, last image by me}

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