Design Spotlights: Side Tables Under $500!

I’ve been searching for several side tables lately, for myself, for clients and for friends. When you’re looking to add just one table to finish off a space you don’t necessarily want to break the bank. I’m often looking for a small side table to place next to a chair floating in a space, to anchor the chair, or to place at the end of a sofa. Since these are often last minute additions I try and keep them on the cheaper side. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite side tables under $500. Have a look!

Design Spotlights: Side Tables Under $500!

Here’s where you can find the tables:

  1. Block table, $280
  2. Marble wood side table, $399
  3. Around table, $449
  4. Eames wire base low table, $294
  5. Spindle side table, $249
  6. ARS block stool, $500
  7. Geometric side table, $299
  8. Bentwood side table, $149

Which of these tables do you like most? Which would you like for your own home?

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