Design Spotlights: Travel Essentials

I’ve been itching for a vacation! Somehow it seems there isn’t enough time in a day to plan one, or enough weekends in a month to take one! I’ve realized I have to just pick a date in the future and book a plane ticket. In the meantime, I’ve started evaluating my travel essentials. Since I have been a frequent traveller in the past, I have a few things in my travel arsenal I swear by, including a hanging essentials organizer and a liquid travel bag. I’ve been thinking of expanding into the travel space pack, which I hear is the best space saving tool! I’ve put together a few of my current and future travel essentials, to help you pack this summer. Summer clothes are smaller and more light weight than typical clothes, but because of the sand and sweat, staying organized will help your trip to the beach and back!

Design Spotlights: Travel Essentials

Pack your bags:

  1. Eagle Creek Shoe Sac
  2. SpacePack Travel Set
  3. Carry on quart bag
  4. Hanging essentials organizer
  5. Go Clean beach set
  6. Eagle Creek pack-it folders
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