Design Spotlights: Picnic Essentials Under $40!

Here in New York picnic weather is finally here! I love summer and I try to spend as much time outdoors enjoying the sun as possible. For me, the best way to spend a sunny day is with a picnic. Because we don’t have cars, I try to pack the lightest picnics possible. I’m usually lugging my picnic gear on the subway, trying to get to Central Park, or across town to River Terrace. This year I’ve put together a list of Picnic Essentials Under $40, and all items are recyclable or reusable. Because I pack light, I like to get rid of what I don’t need at the end of the day in a responsible way. Here’s what I have in my picnic bag this year.

Design Spotlights: Picnic Essentials Under $40

Shop these picnic essentials:

  1. Collapsable wooden plates (set of 20), $25
  2. Washable sandwich bags, $8.95
  3. Dip dyed cutting board, $19.99
  4. Striped outdoor placemat, $2.95
  5. Kraft ripple cups (set of 25), $20
  6. Black and white paper napkins (set of 20), $5.95
  7. Insulated cooler tote, $32.27
  8. Reversible game rug, $9.99
  9. Wooden boomerang, $9.99
  10. Karen Kuchel beach towel, $29
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