Design Spotlights: Summer Color Pop

This post is written in collaboration with Tic Tac Mints. Tic Tac® has been a leading breath mint brand for 40 years.

If you follow me on instagram you noticed that yesterday I received a package of colorful Tic Tac Mints in the mail. I was so excited to try the colorful summer flavors and the hubs was excited to steal all the mints away from me! I had been following along the #TicTacPack hashtag for a few months now, and noticed how much fun people were having with these new flavors and colors. And although I’m a black and white girl, I like to get colorful in the summer. (Did you see my yellow nails?!) Although my home is decorated in blacks, whites and neutrals I’ve been dying to add some summer color pop to liven things up.

Design Spotlights: Summer Color Pop

I pulled colors from the Fruit Adventures pack, which is comprised of yellows, oranges, reds, and greens and I’ve come up with some serious accessories to brighten up my interiors. Which of these would you incorporate into your home? Are you looking to add some summer color pop too?

Design Spotlights: Summer Color Pop

Here’s where you can find these bright accents:

  1. Kate Spade party favor bags
  2. Melanie Biehle mixed media artwork
  3. Kate Spade large notepad
  4. Skewed square mug
  5. Glass table lamp
  6. Kate Spade tidbit plates
  7. Melanie Biehle watercolor
  8. Jonathan Adler pillow
  9. Brushed stripe pillow
  10. Neon stripe pillow
  11. Tribal band pillow
  12. Lotus pitcher
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