Eric Cohler’s Curated Collection with Amerock

This post is written in collaboration with Amerock. Amerock markets and distributes decorative hardware solutions for the kitchen, bathroom and throughout the home that inspire, coordinate and express personal style.  

Last week I had the opportunity to have a working lunch with Amerock at the offices of their brand ambassador Eric Cohler. As expected Eric’s offices were stunning, and the Amerock hardware we were learning about was beautiful. 7 other bloggers and I had the opportunity to learn about Eric’s latest collaboration with Amerock, see several of their most popular pieces in person and create a few DIY pieces for ourselves using the hardware.

Eric Cohler's Curated Collection with Amerock

What I enjoyed most, of course, was listening to Eric Cohler speak, about his book, his Amerock partnership, upcoming trends, and generally how he sees design decisions being made. Eric believes in making decisions easy for consumers and his clients. Therefore he’s organized Amerock’s vast hardware selection into easy to identify categories. He understands that consumers may not know what they are looking for by name or genre, but knows the look they are going for. Therefore, he’s divided the hardware selection into regions of the United States, which I think is so clever. That’s where the AmerockNOW collection comes in.

Eric Cohler's Curated Collection with Amerock

This curated collection helps consumers identify which hardware would best fit the style of their home by region. The collection is broken into 8 categories – #BiCoastal, #NortheastHome, #Heartland, #LondonUndone, #Lodge, #PhoenixRising, #LAExperience and #CityBeat . Using these categories you can stick with one hardware style or mix and match, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. I think it’s amazing, and I know it will make shopping for hardware so much easier!

Eric Cohler's Curated Collection with Amerock

Ok, now that you can easily sort out which hardware is best for your home, we should talk about trends. Eric knows that hardware is jewelry for your cabinetry, and jewelry can be swapped out when a kitchen or bathroom is feeling dated. It’s a quick way to create a fresh new look at a low cost. So what’s the trend now? Copper!

Eric Cohler's Curated Collection with Amerock


Copper is replacing the recently popular brass finish. This “living finish” was featured at Maison & Objet and patinas and changes as you touch it with time.

Eric Cohler's Curated Collection with Amerock

It was a joy meeting Eric, and it was fantastic to hear him speak about his new book, Cohler on Design. I loved learning about his history, how he became a designer and seeing how art influences his design style. He can attribute many of his completed interiors to art pieces he’s seen, loved and lusted over. It really is wonderful learning about other designers’ design processes!

During the day Eric said something I won’t forget – hardware is instant gratification. If you can’t renovate your entire kitchen, or you don’t want to wait several months to complete a new project, with just a screwdriver you can see results and feel better about your space.

{Images by Tina Ramchandani for Life in Sketch}

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