Museum Mile Festival

I had a fabulous week. My brother and I were born five years and one day apart, which means our birthdays are literally one after the next. This was annoying growing up, because we had to share a birthday cake. Years later, it’s actually quite fun. It feels as though I have two birthdays because we are celebrating for two days! This year we were able to hang out pretty much all day long, which rarely happens because of work, life, general commitments that we have. We had a grand time at several museums on Tuesday including a visit to the Intrepid and then museum hopping during the Museum Mile Festival. I was able to visit the Charles James exhibit I told you about last week, saw the rooftop at the Met designed by Dan Graham, and popped into the National Academy for the first time. Of course we were ridiculously tired the next day, but it was totally worth it! Here’s a snapshot of our evening at Museum Mile:

Museum Mile Festival NYC

Links I loved:

  • I may have found my new favorite lamp, via Boligcious
  • I very much want to participate in this Instagram challenge next week inspired by Wes Anderson, via Raincoast Creative Salon
  • I’ve updated my iPhone wallpapers after about a year! My new faves are from DesignLoveFest
  • It may be time for a new flatiron. Top picks via The Beauty Department
  • I adore this tablescape idea! via A Beautiful Mess
  • And a link I don’t love – my marriage has been put on hold for about a month because of the World Cup. Anyone else in the same boat?

Life in Sketch highlights:

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