Design Spotlights: Top Picks from Lady Builder Shops

This post is written in collaboration with Lady Builder Shops. Lady Builder Shops’ goal is to create a place where shoppers can find special items that will enable their home’s design to reflect a thoughtful and inspired collection of pieces that express taste and personality

Recently I was introduced to the online store Lady Builder Shops. I started poking around their site and found that they have a wonderful story! Judy Linn, the founder of Lady Builder Shop actually started off by launching Thomas Homes in 1997. After 16 years of building homes and winning awards for these homes, Judy decided to create a space where people can purchase the unique details she incorporates into these spaces. When I first clicked over to Lady Builder Shops I saw beautiful products that I knew you would love. After learning about the story behind the shop and the founder, Judy, I feel connected to the store and I’m excited to share their pieces with you. I love that Judy is an entrepreneur and savvy enough to start not one but two successful businesses. And she has fabulous taste, too! I’ve looked at pretty much everything at Lady Builder Shops and have picked out my top 10 pieces. I hope you enjoy!

Design Spotlights: Top Picks from Lady Builder Shops

Here’s where you can find these top picks:

  1. Essex dinner plate
  2. Embossed flower glass knob
  3. Cairo placemats in rainbow colors
  4. Ansa salad servers
  5. Juniper ice bucket
  6. Owl cork screw
  7. Essex rectangular platter
  8. Levant demi spoons
  9. Marletto salad set
  10. Dewan Box
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