Top 10 Beach Essentials!

We’re mid-way through the summer and I just realized I hadn’t shared my beach essentials with you! It’s probably because I haven’t actually made it to a beach or pool yet but all of that is going to change in the next few weeks. I’m making plans and putting together my beach bag. I love the sun and enjoy sitting around for hours. But every summer I forget that I am actually slightly sensitive to the sun. I’m living and learning – this year I’m packing good looking pieces that will help my skin stay safe, including spf lip balm, dry-touch sunscreen and a gorgeous oversized hat. Here are my top 10 beach essentials this summer!

Top 10 Beach Essentials!

Pack your beach bag!

  1. Boyleg swimsuit
  2. “Keeper” beach tote
  3. Kate Spade Fiji Sandals
  4. Rayban aviators
  5. Lemondrop SPF lip balm
  6. Beachwear nylon pouches
  7. Bold stripe floppy hat
  8. Christy of England beach towel
  9. Neutrogena dry touch sunscreen
  10. Kindle E-reader with WiFi
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