Design Crush: The Black and White Kitchen of Tommy Hilfiger

Happy Monday! I recently saw the home of Tommy Hilfiger featured on Architectural Digest and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! The home, designed by the fabulous Martyn Lawrence Bullard, is pretty wild. And I do enjoy the bold colors and patterns throughout the home, but my favorite space by far is the black and white kitchen.

Design Crush: The Black and White Kitchen of Tommy Hilfiger

I love white kitchens, they look open, inviting and modern. I’ve seen white kitchens with spashes of black and even some well designed completely black kitchens but never something like this. While the cabinetry is all white the large, bold black and white striped floors are the first thing you see when you look at this space. The high gloss finish makes me think of a showroom or high-end shop, and it gives this kitchen a luxurious look. The black is carried through in the stripe of the center island, which appears to ground the space. I know not everyone would love to have such a strong design in their kitchen, but I really do love it!

What do you think of Tommy Hilfiger’s kitchen? Are you comfortable with such a striking design in a space you use daily?

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