Design Crush: Naja Munthe’s Denmark Home

I was thrilled to come across Naja Munthe’s Denmark home recently in Trendland. The fashion designer is known for her casual yet glamorous look, which feels raw and sophisticated at the same time. Her home is the perfect extension of her fashion brand. It’s elegant, black and white with several surprises. I’m excited to share this week’s Design Crush, and I hope you’ll be crushing on it too!

Design Crush: Naja Munthe's Denmark Home

The home is very neutral, with high ceilings and low hanging light fixtures which draw your eye down towards the furniture.

Design Crush: Naja Munthe's Denmark Home


The furniture is casual but the accessories add much excitement. I adore the living room throw pillows. I would not have thought to choose them but they add personality, and guests gain insight into the owner’s personality right away!

Design Crush: Naja Munthe's Denmark Home

While there are several accessories throughout the home it doesn’t feel overly decorated, cluttered or overwhelming. Accessories are perfectly spaces out so the home feels lived in, and clean and serene at the same time.

Design Crush: Naja Munthe's Denmark Home

While light fixtures bring your eye down to the furniture, large pieces of art and tall sculptures bring your eye up, so you notice the high ceilings. The home feels very spacious!

Design Crush: Naja Munthe's Denmark Home

The floors may be my favorite part of the home. Most interiors feature one type of wood floor or stone throughout the home. Naja’s home is a wonderful mix of different color woods and tiles but because they are all on the neutral side, they work well together.

Design Crush: Naja Munthe's Denmark Home

What do you think of this fashionable home? Does it feel like a space you could live in?

{images via Trendland}

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