Summer in New York: Top Independent Bookstores

Hello everybody, Yana again! Today we’re wrapping up our summer series, Summer in New York. For our last edition in the series I’ve put together a list of my top 5 favorite independent bookstores in New York City. It’s important to support our neighborhood shops and you’ll often find me sitting in my local bookstore, browsing and reading. Here are five bookstores I visit often.

Summer in New York: Top Independent Bookstores

Word Bookstores
126 Franklin St, Brooklyn

Word is a much-praised bookstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with a new location in Jersey City as well. Each location is tailored to what the neighborhood wants and needs. At the Greenpoint location you’ll find tons of paperback fiction, cookbooks, board books, stationery items. The Jersey City location is pretty new so they are still exploring the neighborhood and putting their roots down.

Summer in New York: Top Independent Bookstores

Powerhouse Arena
37 Main St, Brooklyn

The DUMBO shop Powerhouse Arena was an early anchor in the area in 2006 and has helped sponsor numerous events in their store and in the surrounding neighborhood. The shop started as an offshoot of the art publisher Powerhouse Books, and in the past years has gain lots of fans! After Hurricane Sandy flooded them with more than 2 feet of water, authors, including Paul Auster and Jonathan Franzen, attended at a fundraiser for the store. It’s a real neighborhood gem!

Summer in New York: Top Independent Bookstores Three Lives & Company

154 W 10th St, Manhattan

Three Lives & Company is a West Village staple. The small shop says it’s evolved with the neighborhood and with it’s customers. They have a knowledgable staff who can pretty much answer any question you have. It’s a great place to come to meet other like-minded readers. It has a real sense of community!

Summer in New York: Top Independent Bookstores

The Corner Bookstore
1313 Madison Ave, Manhattan

The Corner Bookstore has been located Madison Ave. and 93rd St. since 1978, when the neighborhood was quite different. The owners take special pride in the selection of their children’s titles and the catering to their younger clientele. They also offer curated book baskets and offer free delivery to doormen buildings on the upper East side from 59th Street to 110th Street.

Summer in New York: Top Independent Bookstores

Book Culture
536 West 112th St, Manhattan

Book Culture, the former Labyrinth Books, has been catering to the Columbia University neighborhood since 1997. Unlike the other shops I mentioned Book Culture is not a small, niche shop. They pride themselves in their diversity and offer books of all genres. If you’re in the area it’s a great place to spend a few hours.

Summer in New York: Top Independent Bookstores

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