Design Spotlights: Top 10 Back To School Essentials

School has already started for most of you, so this post is a little delayed. And I’m not actually in school but I do love getting reorganized every season, and jumping into fall is no different! Every back to school season I regroup, try to clean off my desk (though I don’t always succeed), and pick out my fall essentials to help me finish out the year. I’ve been working non-stop this year, as you probably have too, and the majority of my “back to school” picks are organizers, notebooks, sticky notes and things like that, to keep me going strong. I’ve added a few fashion must haves for the fall season as well. I can’t wait to hear what you think, and which of these is your fave!

Design Spotlights: Top 10 Back To School Essentials

Here’s where you can find these Back To School Essentials:

  1. Kate Spade Saturday Signature Satchel, $75
  2. Poppin pink task pads, $6
  3. Ted Baker “Bow” pencil case, $35
  4. Toms Polka Dot slip ons, $53.95
  5. Le Pen, set of 12, $13.66
  6. Poketo brass pencil holder, $78
  7. Poketo fabric bound planner, $28
  8. Poppin slim fit notebook, $4
  9. ASOS oversized knit scarf, $28.56
  10. Poketo weekly desk notepad, $14
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