Design Spotlights: Top 10 Lounge Chairs!

Last month I shared my 10 favorite sofas under $1000 and since then I’ve been getting asked several questions about lounge chairs. I really love chairs! Chairs are an easy way to add a little style to your space or mix up your decor without having to completely redecorate. Changing out one or two lounge chairs can make a huge difference to a space, and if you’re scared of color or pattern a chair is a great place to experiment. They are small enough to add a pop of color and excitement but you don’t need to commit to anything large. I’ve picked out my top 10 lounge chairs that I adore right now in a variety of price ranges. I’ve picked a few affordable yet ultra stylish chairs and a few more upscale chairs. You can easily find the perfect chair for you in any price range. Here are my top picks.

Design Spotlights: Top 10 Lounge Chairs!

Here’s where you can find these chairs:

  1. Shell Chair, $3,200
  2. James Harrison Wing Chair, $1,200
  3. Easy Chair, $3,465
  4. Papa Bear Chair, $1,900
  5. Channing Leather Chair, $2,265
  6. Oyster Wingback Chair, $799
  7. Specs Chair, $649
  8. Retro Wing Chair, $399
  9. Bentwood Slipper Chair, $399
  10. Callan Chair, $1,799


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