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I love my social media network and my online life but lately I’ve been craving a more personal connection. I’ve found it at Walrus Home in Vancouver, a contemporary lifestyle boutique co-owned by business partners Caroline and Daniel.

When my mother-in-law was young in Vancouver she was on a first name basis with the staff everywhere she shopped. Her baker, her butcher, her grocer – she knew everyone. I know, it sounds so quaint!


I was recently chatting to my friend Rani about shopping in India and how you don’t just walk into a shop and buy something. The shop owner makes you a cup of tea, you have a conversation and get to know each other. And then, only then do you actually engage in a transaction.

Again with the personal connection.


Let’s be honest – we have a lot of choice today for shopping. Online access has opened up the world to us with a few clicks and a day later a brown truck delivers a package.

But isn’t that a bit lonely? A bit too efficient and quick?

The personal connection that I’ve been missing I’ve found at Walrus Home.


I always feel welcome whether I am shopping or just browsing. It’s a tiny shop yet every time I turn around I find something new. I don’t know how they do it, but Caroline and Daniel take this small space and fill it full of all sorts of gorgeous, well-designed goods from Europe, Canada, and Vancouver and it never feels cramped or crowded.

They have an amazing eye for beautiful products. And a stylish eye for presenting them.


It doesn’t stop there. Every few months they host art exhibits for photographers, painters, ceramicists, and jewelers. They make some room, put out some drinks and appetizers, and throw an opening night party for the design and local community.


Walrus Home is my “go to” shop for me or for gifts for friends. And for visual inspiration. I’m never disappointed.

Three cheers for a shopping experience with a personal touch.


Sandra Harris | Vancouver, Canada


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