We all know how tough the holiday season can be. The more gifts you have to buy, the tighter your budget is. Not to mention regular holiday expenses like tips, travel, etc. We’re feeling it too! We’ve put together a list of 10 original items that are less than $100 but appear luxurious. Also, feel free to discover (or rediscover) our holiday gift guide for the Parisian aspirant and for the tech geek!


Holiday Gift guide: less than $100


1. Self love potion, $20

2. Passport Holder, $70

3. Candle Holder, from $36 to $42

4.  3-piece brass wire cube set, $14.95

5. “Vogue and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: parties, exhibitions, people“, $36.52

6. “Holy chic” pouch, $50

7. Carry on Cocktail Kit, $24

8. Metallic Silver Leather slip-on sneakers, $60

9. Red nail polish, $50

10. Geometric mug, $48

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