Holiday House NYC 2014

Last year I participated in Holiday House NYC and it was one of the best experiences. I met so many wonderful people and participated in a great cause. This year, the Holiday House NYC is back and invited 23 amazing designers to redecorate a beautiful house in the Upper East Side. Like every year, all events proceeds benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The showhouse is open until this Saturday and if you haven’t already visited you really should try to stop by! Here’s a quick preview of 10 rooms that caught our eye.

25th Anniversary Room by Matthew Patrick Smyth for Traditional Home

In order to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Traditional Home Magazine and the 125th Anniversary of Schumacher, Mr. Smyth created a stunning sitting room, full of fine art, antiques and mid-century finds.


25th Anniversary Room

Galerie des Glaces by Amy Lau for Baccarat

This year, Baccarat, the famous luxury French brand, celebrates its 250th anniversary. In honor of this grand anniversary Amy Lau created a Versailles inspired dining room, full of winter and Christmas items.



Kara Mann Design

The designer wanted to mix modern pieces with old ones to created a unique space. The single loop Roll & Hill light in the center of the room is a pleasant surprise!


Kara Mann Design

Kentucky Derby Day by Patrick James Hamilton 

Last year Patrick James Hamilton created a St. Patrick’s Day room that was layered with an immense amount of detail at every turn. This year he created an equally detailed room but with a completely different look! The space is filled with derby day inspired furniture. Our favorite part? The amazing oil painting above the turquoise divan.


Kentucky Derby Day

Mischievous Night by Louis Navarette 

Louis Navarrete wanted, through modern and antique furniture, to mix two different styles: Downtown Abbey and Comicon. The result is stunning and makes the room fun and stylish, both at the same time.


Mischievous Night

Mother’s Day by Alyssa Kapito and Vivian Muller

This Upper East Side duo created the perfect room to spend Mother’s Day. They cleverly mixed modern midcentury and classical pieces.


Mother's day

Personal Day by Caleb Anderson Design

Caleb Anderson, who recently received the IFDA’s 2014 “Rising Star Award”, created a unique and very personal room with an amazing library and a daybed to lounge while reading the surrounding books.


Personal Day

Reflection by Natalie Kraiem Interiors

During the holidays, everyone should take some time for reflection. In order to show that Natalie Kraiem and Sabrina Brinbaum juxtaposed reflective materials to create the perfect space for contemplating.



Summer Solstice by Laura Krey

Have you ever wondered how your place would look like with custom-commissioned art and handcraft? Well open your eyes and take notes because Laura Krey created an entry you would probably enjoy spending time in, and all the details are really inspiring.


Summer Solstice

Winter Solstice by Noella Ibanez for Gaggenau

This kitchenette is probably one the most eye-catching rooms in the whole house, thanks to the “galaxy” ceiling, which adds a very unique light to the space. Who wouldn’t enjoy en early coffee break in such a cozy place.


Winter Solstice Kitchenette


We hope you’ll have a chance to visit Holiday House NYC this year. If you do please tweet/share and let us know!


{Images: several photographs from Alan Barry Photography}

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