Travel to: Copenhagen

Travel to: Copenhagen

I’ve just returned from “winter break” and I’ve returned from one of my favorite trips so far! Ajay and I visited Copenhagen and Paris and we fell in love with both cities. It’s actually hard to pick a favorite, since both were so different. We stayed in Copenhagen at the beginning and end of our trip and stumbled across the best places! I didn’t have much time to research where I wanted to go prior to leaving New York, so I’m extremely excited with what we found. Here are the highlights from our Copenhagen trip. I’ll be returning to this gorgeous city soon, so if you have places to add please share!

Travel to: Copenhagen


We stayed at SP34 on the first leg of our journey. It was a comfortable hotel with tons of style! We felt comfortable in our chic room and in the various lounge areas in the lobby. The staff was amazing and they host a “wine hour” for guests from 5-6 pm. Yes, that’s right, free wine for one hour. We made several friends during wine hour and loved the well designed space we were hanging out in. Oh, and the attention to detail in the design of the hotel is incredible. Every single thing was well thought out. I was very impressed!

Travel to: Copenhagen

Restaurants, cafes + bars

We had some of our favorite dishes while in Copenhagen. Did you know the city has the most amount of Michelin stars in one town? The standard for food is very  high here, which was great for us as we love to eat! Here are some of our favorite places.

Cafe Viktor – a gorgeous cafe with a chic crowd and delicious food. Felt a bit like a scene but since we were pretty anonymous we didn’t care. We also met a wonderful family who’s son was a chef at our next favorite place.

Cofoco – The family from Cafe Viktor recommended Cofoco and we were so grateful to them. The restaurant specializes in small plates that are packed with flavor, and light on your wallet! There are several restaurants under the Cofoco umbrella but we made it to the flagship space.

Salt, at the Admiral hotel – We spent our last evening in Copenhagen at Salt. The hotel itself is beautiful, filled with portholes and has a warehouse feel. The restaurant is insanely good! You’re meal starts off with an amuse bouche and three salts to taste.

Living Room Cafe – We found this random cafe + bar while walking around town. It’s super cute. The upstairs has a standard cafe vibe and the downstairs is filled with lounge chairs. There’s a small library room downstairs too, so plenty of seating! We warmed up with some grogg here after a day of walking around. (Grogg is my favorite hot wine so far!)

Mikkeller – Best beer bar ever! I don’t drink a lot of beer but this place had something for everyone. Plus we met a lot of New Yorkers so we knew this was the place to be!

Travel to: Copenhagen

Design Shopping

In New York everything is open, almost all the time. So we weren’t expecting shops and restaurants to be closed for an extended period of time during Christmas. We didn’t have much shopping time but we managed to make it to these three shops, which were perfect!

Hay – The Hay brand is famous around the world and I was excited to pop in and see the products and furniture for myself. I almost walked out of there with a $100 pair of scissors but I got a talking to by the Mister. I wish I had purchased it while he wasn’t looking!

Ilums Bolighus – This seems to be the Macy’s for design? It had every brand, Danish and otherwise, which was great for us! We got lots of goodies here and they had everything from Made in Denmark to Tom Dixon to Iittala. The second floor had clothes as well.

Stilleben – I actually had not heard of Stilleben before this trip. We were walking past and noticed so many wonderful things for sale. I especially liked the second floor, which had a large variety of art to choose from.

That’s a wrap for our trip to Copenhagen. We loved every minute in this beautiful city! I’ll be sharing highlights from our visit to Paris soon. More images from my Copenhagen travels on instagram.

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