10 Items to Organize Your Life

Getting organized may sometimes be a little complicated. You have to think about a thousand things at the same time, and with your job and personal life, it can get tough. That’s why we picked ten wonderful things to help you a bit: from the apps to the jewelry organizer, your daily life will be easily organized! And remember, Beyonce has 24 hours each day too!

Organize post

1. Desk organizer – Anthropologie, $328

2. iPhone case – Moshi, $44.95

3. Masking tape holder – Etsy, starting at $20

4. Makeup organizer – Etsy, $89.99

5. Thinglist app – iTunes, free

6. Penultimate app – iTunes, free

7. Jewelry organizer – Anthropologie, $68

8. Wall calendar – Paper Source, $14.98

9. “Feed your pet” reminder – Dreamfarm, $19.95

10. BillTracker app – iTunes, $1.99

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