The Friday Top 5 {03.27.15}

The nicer the weather gets the more we want to really enjoy our weekends. This week picking only five activities was a bit of a struggle, but we made it. We are really excited about a new French place downtown and about the fact that Tokyobike is finally settling in New York City!


Le District

Battery Park, Manhattan

We are in love with French food, and this is the main reason why we are that excited about this new Eataly-style place. Not only you will have the chance to eat gorgeous cheese and meat plates, you will also get to drink amazing coffee and taste colorful pastries. And in the end, all we want to say is: Le District, je t’aime.


Alice Neel, “Drawings and Watercolors 1927-1978″

David Zwirner – 537W 20th St., Manhattan

The art presented in this exhibition comes from the early part of Neel’s career. The drawings reflect a certain bohemian lifestyle, meanwhile others are darker and explore various themes like death.




1 Prince St., Manhattan

Spring is coming (and we mean it…) so it’s time to get a bike in order to fully enjoy the nice weather. Lucky you, Tokyobike is back in New York, for good! No rush, you still have plenty of time to choose which one you want to ride! They also have really nice accessories you will probably like a lot and want to buy!




75 Washington Place, Manhattan

WastED is a pop-up restaurant where all the food is made out of… garbage. Installed in Blue Hill restaurant, more than 20 chefs will one after the other cook daily meals out of the “un-coveted”. The goal is to prevent food waste and show that you can always re-use leftovers.


Affordable Art Fair

Metropolitan Pavillon – 125W 18th St., Manhattan

Buy a $18 ticket and explore the alleys, full of great original pieces of art. Paintings, drawings, photographs and cultures flew here from more than 50 galleries. Don’t miss a chance to redecorate your place with affordable art!




{Images: Garden Correspondant, Tribeca Citizens, David Zwirner, Racked NY, Salon, Time Out}

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