London: Brixton Village Can Take You Anywhere

If you are heading to London anytime soon, check out the coolest market my capital has to offer. The recently formed Brixton Village is located in the beating heart of South London, and is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Brixton tube on the Victoria line. The indoor market is comprised of cool shops and amazing restaurants that boasts some of the most delicious foods for the most delightful prices.

London: Brixton Village

Cheap tights (that might fray in five seconds), ancient Chinese medicines, vinyl records, 1950s vintage sequined crop tops to every type of fish, meat and vegetable- you name it, somebody in the village is selling it. What makes this place so unique is its diversity.

London: Brixton Village

While maintaining the vibe of a classic London market it also encapsulates a vibrant array of other cultures. A slice of the world: you will find the tastes of Europe, India, Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Each restaurant emits a different smell and decor, do you fancy chicken katsu or fried plantian, a sweet crepe or a bowl of kheer?

London: Brixton Village

The sheltered nature of the market makes it open and welcoming, creating a sense of community and preventing the winter air from getting in! All restaurants have a seating area within the market, adding to the overall buzz and allowing everyone to sit together. Thursday night is the liveliest time for the village, as end of week cocktails and live latino guitarists fill the space. There is always something to see and always something new to try which explains why Brixton Village has exploded with popularity.

London: Brixton Village

Personally I would recommend Franco Manca for the BEST pizza you will find in London. If your looking for something a bit more healthy food-wise I would suggest Senzala, Parisian restaurant that does a mean cocktail!

Millie Morgan | New York + London


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