St+art Mumbai

Street art is a global phenomena which is celebrated and showcased as a valid true art form. Cities like Berlin embrace this culture and allow artists to express themselves and change the city scape. Artists are allowed creative and political expression mirroring the sentiments of the culture around them.

Mumbai can be a dull and dreary city. It’s ugly buildings do not help in making the city look any more interesting than a subway wall. What happens though, when you get a bunch of talented street artists from around the world and let them take over the city in swoops of colour and form? St-art Mumbai is born. This urban art festival took place in November 2014 and continues to spread it’s presence in Delhi. It’s mission? To not only transform the city of Mumbai but the perception of art as a whole.

Creative Director, Hanif Kureshi says, ‘The vision of St+art India foundation is to provide a platform for street artists from all over the world to come and connect with the Indian movement. It is also for a platform for Indian artists to showcase their work and exchange ideas with the global community. At the same time its main focus is also to change the dull grey landscape of our cities to be more interactive and colourful.’ Supported by Asian Paints, St-art brought artists like Tona (Germany), Seikon (Poland) and Daan Botlek (Netherlands) and some of the best street artists from India to help in the transformation.

I decided to take a bit of a walk-about around the city to discover these works of art. It was such a pleasure to stumble upon some of these in between the hustle-bustle that is Mumbai.


Shweta Kaushik | Mumbai, India


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