Much & Little in Vancouver, Canada

Much & Little Vancouver Canada
Walk down the street in your town and I’ll bet you can pick out many if not all of the vendors of the clothes of the passersby that you see. We all recognize that top/jeans/jacket/bag/pair of shoes. How can we express ourselves through our clothing and avoid looking like everyone else?

Much & Little Vancouver Canada
We’re purchasing fewer items and caring more about each piece of clothing that we add to our wardrobes. We’re doing the same with our homes. We crave that unique décor item that is beautiful and well made. Handcrafted and local and ethically sourced.

Much & Little fills those needs.

Much & Little Vancouver Canada
It’s on Main Street in the center of a trapezoid shaped area within four major streets in a neighborhood called Mount Pleasant. Once an area that you’d drive straight through, it’s now a go-to destination with an eclectic assortment of shops, restaurants and cafes. It’s part of a geographical shift of hipness and cool from the west side to East Vancouver with Mount Pleasant at the center.

Much & Little Vancouver Canada
Owner Sarah Savoy’s roots as a visual artist (she’s a printmaker) are reflected in her eye for the beautiful and useful. Each item on her shelves is thoughtfully chosen to fit her unique aesthetic. Her criteria comprise “utilitarian good looks, natural materials, quirky details, and a touch of nostalgia”.

Much & Little Vancouver Canada

Sarah started Much & Little in 2011 stocking primarily handcrafted by smaller designers, made in North America décor, home, and gift items. When the bicycle shop next store moved, she snapped up the space, opened up the adjoining wall and added virtually all unique-to-her clothing lines.

Much & Little Vancouver

There’s always something new to see and discover each time you visit Much & Little. And you can be assured that you’ll be one of the very few with that item in your home or new outfit in your wardrobe.

Sandra Harris | Vancouver, Canada


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