Last week, Tina and I came across a very interesting picture on Instagram. After typing the name of the store —and already falling in love with it— I decided to go take a look. And I wasn’t disappointed. If I had to place it somewhere in the ‘store stratosphere’, it would probably be between Muji, for the Asian influence, and a delicate design gallery. While visiting their website, I came across this perfect description of the place: “Nalata Nalata is a retail experience founded on promoting awareness of the people and stories behind our curated lifestyle products.”

Nalata Nalata 4

Nothing here has been randomly displayed. The windows —almost— all around the store allow the light to penetrate and make all those raffinate items glow, shine and play with the shadows. Among them, you’ll find everything you need if you are looking for simple and good-quality items you’ll find nowhere else.

Nalata Nalata 5

Details are a huge part of a decorating process. You can have gorgeous pieces of furniture and still have an ordinary home. What really matters is bringing your own personality and taste to it.
At Nalata Nalata, everything is displayed on wooden shelves. The bath section has some pretty unusual items, like soap ball or those adorable lavender sachets!

Nalata Nalata 1

It may be obvious but there’s something I have to point out: good quality comes with a price. I wouldn’t say the prices here are insane because they’re not. You can feel and see that the products come with an original idea as well as great fabrics and materials. If you made the choice to invest a bit more on a decoration that will last, that’s the place you should visit.

Nalata Nalata 3

Some plants/flowers are disposed all around the store and bring this nature touch to the place. Though you can’t buy them, you can purchase the various vases they’re in, starting at $105.

Nalata Nalata 2

If you need live in or near New York City, feel free to consult their online shop!


Nalata Nalata

2 Extra Place, Manhattan


Alexane Pelissou | New York + Paris


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