{Artist Highlight} Richard Haines: What I Saw Today

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Meet Richard Haines, the fashion illustrator and blogger, who’s behind the popular “What I Saw Today” blog.

Designerman_What I saw today_R.Haines

Absolutely love this “Nitty Gritty” Picture, inspired by this video to go along with it is sure to make you laugh! Haines captured the perfect essence of this 60’s dance video in his art.

Haines finds inspiration in the wild and eclectic fashion of New York’s common, everyday fashion icon. Haines documents people of all ages and nationalities, anybody that catches his eye. He’s usually seated front row at many New York Fashion Week shows, sketching images for top fashion clients, such as Prada, Coach, J. Crew, Calvin Klein, and more. In 2012, Haines was chosen by Prada to create the iconic artwork surrounding the “Il Palazzo” men’s collection. Haines’ unique artistic style is perfect to capture the true art of New York’s diverse fashion. Haines enjoys just watching people walk around in the city, everyday it’s a new fashion show.


Ever since Haines was a young boy, he considered himself different. While other kids were drawing airplanes and cars, Haines was busy sketching wedding dresses. He claims his obsession started at a young age, when he looked at a copy of the New York Times that was covered in drawings of the Paris Couture collection in 1962. Now Haines has become a huge deal in the fashion world with the help of social media, of course. Haines always posts his illustrations to his instagram account, along with a few pictures here and there of his real life travels. He enjoys keeping a strong social media presence, because there’s always something going on in the crazy online world. Haines once said in a 2013 interview, “If it is three in the morning here, then it’s three in the afternoon in Tokyo— so someone’s posting something somewhere.”


Patricia Van Essche | New York


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