A Taste of The London Coffee Festival

The London Coffee Festival, expect to leave buzzing with a bag full of samples, a head full of memories and a body full of caffeine! Hosted in London’s trendy Shoreditch, this event is a brilliant way of celebrating a universal favourite in the beverage department. And it didn’t just end at coffee…


The festival tapped into so much more than just the appreciation of a delicious bean (actually a seed didn’t ya know), it considered every aspect of the coffee process, down to water. After all, 98% of an espresso is made up our precious H20. The festival supported Project Waterfall, a charity focused on bringing clean water to the countries that supply our coffee. Since 2011,they have brought drinking water to 10,280 people in the Mbul district of Tanzania. It feels good knowing the price of your ticket is going towards a worthy cause, and at £11 ahead you can’t complain.



Although I was slightly disappointed to see the likes of Costa and Starbucks towering high, the main majority of the coffee stalls were small independent businesses. Also there were a number of coffee orientated start-up companies, like IKAWA, a recent graduate’s smartphone controlled home coffee bean roaster.


Enjoy the best of world music, while sipping on a hot jar of java. The Krar Collective filled the space with excitable grooves. Their music is rooted in the very origin of the coffee bean, Ethiopia. The stage was graced with local and global acts, providing an array of sounds and dance moves.


It didn’t stop there as coffee collaborated with the arts in a competition (ARTcup) to have your design on the disposable coffee cups. The winner was a bold geometric print, combining colours of bronze, silver and rose. David Daivd, the artists believes this palette represents the ‘warmth and strength’of good coffee’. And now he will have over 400,000 cups across London! The coffee festival is traveling to Amsterdam at the end of the month, and will be hitting the streets of New York around the end of the year.



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