This week, we decided to put aside the Friday Top 5 to concentrate on a once-in-a-year event. From May 8th to May 19th, New York will be hosting events all over the city to celebrate design! A great occasion to discover new artists and have a lot of fun! It was hard to pick only ten events among the hundreds others, but we did it. Tell us your adventures with the hashtag: #lifeinsketchxdesign!


Brooklyn Designs

Brooklyn EXPO Center – 72 Noble St., Manhattan

Greenpoint is the new hotspot this week! The event features rich design heritage, iconic style and bustling creative community, brought together by architects, interior designers and many more!

Brooklyn Design

Missoni Home: Welcome aperitivo

MissoniHome – 519 Broome St., Manhattan

MissoniHome is throwing a party to show their new collection and it sounds as cool as it looks like. Expect Prosecco and an amazing new space.

Missoni Home

Wanted Designs

Industry City – 882 3rd Ave., Brooklyn

This year, students will explore an endless theme: “Design Forever”. Find out how they created design pieces they believe will last more than a lifetime in the amazing Industry City in Brooklyn.

Wanted Design

Refinery Rooftop

63W 38th St., Manhattan

You’ll probably be running all day, trying to attend each and every event, but you should take a break! The Refinery Rooftop is the perfect outdoor spot and has an amazing view!

Refinery rooftop

Pathmakers: Women in Modern Craft, Midcentury and Today

Museum of Arts and Design – 2 Columbus Circle, Manhattan

It’s important to dedicate some exhibit to womens’ work, and New York’s design week is the perfect time to do it! A moment to share with your mom, your sister or a friend before a walk in Central Park.

Axor / Alexander Schneider

Building of Creatives

315E 91st St., Manhattan

It’s open studio time! Discover how different artists from different fields go through their creative process, from the idea to the final product.

Open Studio

Collective Design

Skylight Clarkson Square, Manhattan

Collective Design brought together famous and less famous artists from all over the world to celebrate design innovation. They year, they picked the industrial space of Skylight Clarkson Sq!

Collective Design


Center 548 – 548W 22nd St., Manhattan

This year, the white walls of the Center 548 will be decorated with pieces of art galleries have selected among their artists. As the name suggests, only two artists have been chosen to represent each gallery!


Pratt Shows

ARC Building / Pratt Institute – 200 Willoughby Avenue

Students of the Pratt Institute have been working hard the past year to put together an exhibit that will take your breath away! A lot of fields have been explored, from fashion to advertising, from graphic to jewelry.

Pratt Shows


540W 21st St., Manhattan

You may have heard abut DesignJunction before. You may have been a bit jealous not to live in the UK to  be able to visit one of their sites. Well, its hitting US shores this month!

Design Junction


{Images: NYCxDesign, Brooklyn Design, MissoniHome, Wanted Designs, Refinery Rooftop, Building of Creatives, Collective Design, Select NYC, Pratt Shows, The Design Junction, Pathmakers}




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