It may be complicated sometimes to decorate your place the way you want to without putting aside the environment part. “Rethink the way you live” is all about nice places around the world that are really considerate about the planet and its future.

The book is divided into twelve chapters, each one of them developing a different aspect of design choices you can make for a more sustainable tomorrow. The gorgeous photographs (by talented Mikkel Vang) and the great explanations show that with a little rethinking, the whole idea of “green decorating” can fit to everyone.


Former editor at British ELLE Decoration, Amanda Talbot compares design to fashion, writing that time changes and new trends emerge everyday. The only complicated thing in all this is to learn how to follow them considering your budget and your personal lifestyle.

Living with nature is all about bringing those simple materials inside your home. It also gives you pieces of advice on how to built a green wall or an indoor garden, which look great by the way!

Following the same idea, going back to the basics isn’t a bad thing; especially if it implies feathers, white walls and concrete (which make a great combination). Remember: “less is more”. If you don’t need something and don’t find it that “beautiful”, throw it. Make some space to circulate or fill in the blanks with items you truly love.


Living in the city (like 49% of the population) doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with environment. In fact, you have to make much more efforts to preserve it. One of the things you can do is create what you can create yourself. Crafting is a good way to fill the house with objects you really do care about.

In the self-efficient part, Talbot talks about the serious stuff: urban farms, or how to plants and eat the things you love. Again, the beautiful photographs perfectly illustrate what can be done.

Space is often an issue, especially if you live in a big city. Finding ways to build the illusion that a place is bigger than it looks isn’t that hard: you just have to be smart and attribute to each space a particular use. And don’t be afraid to decorate with things to make you feel good and happy. That reflects your personality and will add some humanity to the place.


Living the “green” life is also considering that more and more people will be looking for a place to live, and sometimes living in a huge place is a waste of money and space. What Talbot calls “downsizing” is the optimization of space, the fact that a staircase shouldn’t be left empty for example (no Harry Potter jokes here). All those little efforts and things you’ll put together will soon be part of a whole and create this holistic kind of living. You may want to take advantages of the natural aspects of your place, like the lightening for example.

Last two chapters are about particular situations you might find yourself in, like working from home or choosing to live on a mobile house.

Rethink The Way You Live” gives you ideas and inspires you rather you live alone, with a roommate, your lover or/and your kids. It also shows you that even when you’re following the trends, there’s always something to do to bring up your own personality to the space.

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