Twenty years ago, Tiger opened its first store in the capital of Denmark: Copenhagen. No need to say that’s if you’ve been overseas, you probably fell in love with it! A few weeks ago, the brand opened its first store in NYC, and we are so excited to tell you more about it! The store, in order not to be confused with the ones in Europe and Japan, has been called ‘Flying Tiger’.

Tiger 5

If you’re wondering what the animal-named store might sell, the answer is… pretty much everything, from stickers to flower pots, from colorful boxes to cookies. The store, located in the Flatiron district, is presented like a labyrinth, to make sure you see —and want to buy— everything. The items are organized in different sections according to the product’s use or the pattern on it.

Tiger 3

The official description of the store is all you’ve wished for: “You’ll find things you need, things you’ve dreamed of ans things you never even knew existed.”. Rather you want to redecorate your home or prepare an awesome party for a friend, Flying Tiger is the place you should go to!

Tiger 2

If everything above isn’t enough to convince you to go there, here’s the best part: everything there costs less than $20. We spotted some items you might have a crush on: little carpets for $5 (yes, the same ones you spotted at Urban Outfitters for more than $50), cute animal stickers for $1, google-eyes luggage tags for $2 and bicolor purses for $3.

Tiger 1

If I could give you one piece of advice: if you like something, buy it. The store always refreshes its selection, so you may not find it during your next visit. Also, Flying Tiger is environment-friendly so come with your own shopping bag or buy one at the registrer.

Tiger 4


Flying Tiger 

920 Broadway, Manhattan 


{Images: Alexane Pelissou}


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