FRIDAY TOP 5 {06.12.15}

This week we have some nice exhibitions going on as well as new drinking places you’ll want to go during your free weeknights! We’re especially excited about St. Cloud, a new place that has a very speak-easy atmosphere.


“Andy Warhol: Campbell’s Soup Cans and Other Works, 1953–1967″

MoMA – 11 W 53rd St., Manhattan

No need to introduce the man: in 1962 he became one of the most renowned artist of his time. Today, the Museum of Modern Art exhibits some of his most famous pieces of art, including his deliciously colored soup cans.


Loosie Rouge 

91 South 6th St., Brooklyn

Here, the little space creates a cosy atmosphere. You’ll enjoy drinking their amazing cocktails while listening to piano music! Perfect for a weeknight.

Loosie Rouge

Rosy Keyser, “The Hell Bitch”

Maccarone – 630 Greenwich St., Manhattan

Paint and fringes are the main materials used by Rosy Keyser to create those deconstructed canvas. The exhibition is full of contrast, with dark pieces and lighter ones.


St. Cloud 

The Knickerbocker – 6 Times Square, Manhattan

Whether you want to be outside or inside, you’ll have a privileged view on Times Square! Don’t wait the weekend to go because it’s only open on week days!

St Cloud

Barnyard Flea

708 5th Ave., Brooklyn 

This Brooklyn flea has the advantage of being accessible from the streets. A “community rich in artists, builders, designers, collectors, foodies, musicians, thinkers, and daydreamers” share the 2500 sq. ft. to offer a large variety of items you’ll want to take home.


{Images: Instagram/alexaanep, MoMA, Loosie Rouge, Maccarone, The Knickerbocker, Barnyard Flea}

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