Artist Highlight: Clym Evernden

Meet the Artist,  Clym Everden. Known for his fast and fluid creations, Evernden has created his own signature ink style. His unique art even gained him the Colin Barnes Illustration Award in 2003. He’s already worked with a range of fashion companies and icons such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Naomi Campbell, Graham Norton, even though he only started illustrating full time three years ago.



Evernden went to school at Central Saint Martins in London, where he originally studied women’s wear. After his former teacher saw him miserable in class, he convinced Evernden to pick up a paintbrush and start illustrating. Little did they know, illustration would soon become his ultimate passion.

This rising British artist has said he enjoys watching people on an everyday basis and always carries around a sketchbook if he ever gets inspired. Not only does he sketch average people in their normal routine, but he’s also known to sketch models as they come down the runway! His talents, which include a photographic memory, allow him to quickly and accurately sketch the model head to toe in a matter of seconds.  The sketches below were created for Women’s Prada Autumn Winter 2015 and for Men’s Gucci Autumn Winter 2015.

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Evernden, when responding about the uniqueness of illustration said, “People are trying to bring back a human feel, a soul into the page.” Now that world has turned to everything digital, it’s a nice change to have art that is personal and one-of-a-kind. Although he prefers to work by hand rather than the use of technology, he does enjoy keeping up with his instagram. Evernden likes to capture his art in real life settings and he enjoys working with GIFs through the social media site, saying he loves, “making things leave the page and actually move.”

Patricia Van Essche | New York


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