Creativity, if I may say, is a form of intelligence we all have inside of us. By writing a book on creative block, Danielle Krysa wanted to show that even the most successful artists might find themselves stuck regarding an artistic project. And yes, there is always a way to unstuck yourself.

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The book, which is a creative block (literally speaking), features no less than 50 different artists, working in all sorts of medium. Each one of them answered a few questions regarding their art and the way they perceive and achieve their work. But Krysa went further and asked them to tell one unblock project, “to push you and keep you moving forward”. Just like little assignments, the 50 projects will show you that creativity may be innate, but it’s also ok if it’s not. Creativity is someone you nourish and those projects will show you that you can go as far as you want to, you just need a little exercise.

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All the artists brought some great ideas, but we do have to say that we had a little crush on Jesse Draxler. This humble collage artist makes art because he likes to “create things to look at”. We do feel that’s a good reason. Life is about things that makes you happy; if staring at your art makes you happy, just do it! His project (No. 26) follows the same path. He asks us to “find objects” we have around us and “organize them in different ways”. This exercise will make you work your “composition”, which is, according to Draxler, “something that is integral in all art forms”. By photographing your composition in different ways, you will be able to see, and show, what you normally wouldn’t have noticed.

M_Heiderich_1 copy

More than a to-do list of projects, “Creative blocks” will make you discover all kinds of talented artists. The images (which are samples of each artists’ work) are simply gorgeous and give you an idea of each one’s personality. Because she probably knew we would want to, Krysa put their website so we could visit their artistic world and pick a laptop background everyone would be jealous of.

A_Moore_portrait2 copy


{Images: From Creative Block by Danielle Krysa, published by Chronicle Books 2014}


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