Top 10 Handsome Scents: Candles for Men

I love reaching the end of a project and beginning to accessorize. This is when everything comes together and the home takes on personality and character. I love to add scents and candles to spaces but often with my male clients, candles are a bit of a struggle. Although many of them want a completed home with scent and ambiance they can’t wrap their heads around candles. They feel feminine and often the scents are too perfume-y or flowery. Over the years I’ve found some gorgeous candles that look and smell masculine and they’ve become favorites to many of my clients. I’m sharing my top 10 handsome scents with you here and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Candles for men by TRC


Here’s where you can find these bad boys:

  1. Solitude by Phuong Dang, $140
  2. Baxter of California #1, $55
  3. NARS Monoi Candle, $65
  4. Burroughs Flame, $35
  5. Archipelago Havana Candle, $29
  6. Byredo Apocalyptic Scented Candle, $80
  7. Blind Barber Scented Candle, $32
  8. Diptique Baies Candle, $90
  9. Tom Dixon Large Royalty Scented Candle, $115
  10.  Oden Century Candle, $70
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