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Thank you for your interest in Life in Sketch! Life in Sketch is an interior design blog founded by Manhattan-based interior designer Tina Ramchandani. Life in Sketch’s mission is to share unique perspectives on interior design, tips of the trade as related to products & practices, and help inspire readers to create a luxurious, stylish home for themselves. In addition to interiors, Life in Sketch covers New York City related events and exhibits and highlights from travels abroad. Life in Sketch aims to highlight well designed items and spaces.

Life in Sketch is available to read on Amazon’s Kindle device. Life in Sketch has been named one of the Top 100 Design Blogs by Modenus, and has been featured in Freshome, Editor at Large and Pebble Grey. Tina has been a featured author for Huffington Post Home, Editor at Large, Femme & Fortune and Simplifying Fabulous. This is a small sample of what Life in Sketch has been up to. For more information, please visit the Press page.

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If you think your brand aesthetic and style are a good fit with Life in Sketch then let’s collaborate! Partnerships will be curated to meet your needs while staying consistant with the brand value of Life in Sketch. Please email lifeinsketch[at] for complete sponsorship infomation and rates.

Here are a few collaboration ideas:

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  • Product reviews
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Examples of past collaborations include, but are not limited to:


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