• We’re on a Blog Break!September 1st, 2014

    Yea, that’s right. We’re taking a little time off this week. It’s super hard for me to take time off, and to be honest I’m not completely on vacation.

  • Work + Play: With Sandra HarrisAugust 29th, 2014

    Hello! We’re wrapping up the summer with one of my favorite “online friends”, Sandra Harris of Raincoast Creative Salon.

  • My Home on Heart Home Magazine!August 28th, 2014

    A few months ago I photographed my Tribeca apartment, with my friend and photographer Thomas Appleton.

  • Global Lighting TastemakersAugust 27th, 2014

    A bit of news: earlier this week I was one of several designers named a Global Lighting Tastemaker, and I’m beyond thrilled! Global Lighting asked each of us to pick one of our favorite lights a

  • Summer in New York: Top Independent BookstoresAugust 26th, 2014

    Hello everybody, Yana again! Today we’re wrapping up our summer series, Summer in New York.

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